"When my husband told me he was looking at new cars, I refused to go to the dealership with him and play their games. I called Dollirae and she found exactly what we were looking for, took care of all the arrangements, and had the car delivered to us, clean, ready to go, and with a full tank of gas. Plus, we saved a lot of money. The whole process was so easy!"

"This was the best new-car buying experience ever!"

"I told Dollirae what I wanted, and she found the car at a great price in no time. She was super responsive, and took care of all the details. She is definitely the person you want working for you!"

Jean; Central Coast, CA

"I Love My Car!"

Gali; Camarillo

"Dollirae assisted me in obtaining the car of my life."

"After being told by my husband that he couldn't find the color-interior combo that I wanted, Dollirae found not one, but two!! The first sold before I could say "Yes!" Picking up the car was very easy. The car was ready, the paperwork ready, and all we had to do was finish filling out the registration. It was so easy we hung out talking. Driving it away was the best part. Thank you so much for your help."

Ginny; Los Angeles

"Dollirae took all the headache out of finding my new car."

"I was out of state, needed to move back to California and purchase a new vehicle, and Dollirae used her connections to get me the best deal on my car. All I had to do was walk into the dealer, sign the papers, and grab the keys. It was the smoothest part of my whole transition back into Los Angeles life."

Eric & Noriko; Pasadena

"Sooo Smoooooth!"

Brian; San Diego

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